Figure 2.

A post-modern dance piece with live 3D projections

‘Figure 2.’ is a multimedia post-modern dance piece presented in anaglyph 3D. It combines projected 3D visuals with live performers, attempting to create a unified physical space for both. It was performed at at the Nuffield Theatre at Lancaster University in May 2011. The piece uses motion-capture footage from a Microsoft Kinect sensor to create virtual figures which, from the audiences perspective, appear to occupy the same space as the physical performers. This effect was created by projecting onto a semi-translucent screen which allowed both the projected anaglyph images and the performers behind to be visible. By controlling the lighting in the performance area, performers could appear and disappear whilst their ‘figures’ in the projected image replaced them.

The choreography and dance was devised and performed by Rachel Clutterbuck, Anthony Hope, Emma Smith, Libby Wade and Katherine Tate.

Project Detail

  • Dance piece with anaglyph 3D projection.
  • 9 Minutes.
  • Performed at the Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster on 27th May 2011.


  • Max/MSP/Jitter (Max For Live)
  • Microsoft Kinect
  • Ableton Live
  • QLab
  • ETC Element Lighting Desk