An open-source implementation of CITP for .Net

CITP (controller interface transport protocol) is an open protocol originally developed by Capture for the purpose of integrating lighting consoles, media servers and visualizers. Using CITP you can:

  • Send media library information and thumbnails from a media server to a lighting console.
  • Send streaming video from a media server to lighting consoles and visualizers.

CITP is implemented by most professional-level media servers and lighting consoles, but has historically been difficult to get working due to incompatibilities between various manufacturers interpretation of the specification, and the lack of any up to date test software. The aim of CitpSharp is to provide both a ready-to-use library for integration of the protocol, and also a reference implementation for manufacturers to test against.

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CitpSharp is a Portable Class Library (PCL) allowing use in any .Net project targeting Windows Desktop, Windows Store, Xamarin iOS/Android/Forms, Xamarin.Mac/MonoMac or Windows Phone 8/8.1.


CitpSharp is licensed under LPGL 3.0This means you're free to use it in any commercial or non-commercial applications as long as you only link to the compiled library. Any additions or modifications to the source code must be published under the same license.


CitpSharp is close to an initial beta release, which will be available via