Max/MSP/Jitter Objects

Abstractions and objects of various uses for Cycling ’74s Max/MSP/Jitter.

Jitter DMX Tutorial

Jitter has many other uses besides video processing. By treating it as an efficient mechanism with which to store data, we can successfully use it to store and manipulate DMX data for the purposes of lighting control. This tutorial patch illustrates why this is useful and how to achieve it.

Download tutorial patch


This is a simple patch I developed to format SysEx commands and send text to my ReMOTE SL Zero controller. I haven’t tested it with any of the other ReMOTE SL controllers but it should work fine, although it won’t work with the SL2 range. Help patcher is included.

Download imp.sltext


An abstraction for decoding MIDI Show Control commands from the original SysEx into a human (and Max) readable form. Allows you to build MSC capability into your patches, meaning you can use a pre-existing cueing system such as the excellent QLab. Help patcher included.

Download imp.mscdecode


imp.dmx is a collection of useful abstractions for dealing with DMX data in Max. See here for more information.


The previously released cross-platform abstractions for sending Art-Net data in Max are now available as part of imp.dmx.