An abstract animation with music, presented in anaglyph 3D.

project detail
  • Digital Video
  • 4 minutes 58 seconds
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Requires anaglyph viewing glasses

Created using:

  • Max/MSP (Max For Live)
  • Ableton Live
  • DIPS

Watch On Vimeo :

‘Microfiche’ is an abstract 3D animation with music, presented in anaglyph stereo. It was created using the DIPS image processing system for Max/MSP in Max For Live and Ableton Live. The creation of the work required the writing of a custom extension to allow Ableton Live (primarily a music sequencer) to sequence animation. This allowed the animated elements to be composed at the same time as the music, rather than disparately, producing a work which is unified in its use of sound and video. In it’s original incarnation, the video was accompanied by strobe lighting effects and 5-channel sound. For later performances these elements are removed unless easy to implement in a new venue. Microfiche was presented at Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts at the University Of Minnesota in October of 2010.